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Dragon Tiger is a popular online card game at both live and online casinos in Asia. This is considered a simple and popular game because it offers players the opportunity to win big. Let’s learn about the Dragon Tiger online game with Jilievo and the simplest way to play!

What is playing Dragon Tiger online?

What is playing Dragon Tiger online?

Many people who are new to playing Dragon Tiger online still have questions because they do not understand this game well. Don’t worry, basic information related to Dragon Tiger online will be shared below:

Introducing playing Dragon Tiger online

The online Dragon Tiger game has an English translation name of Dragon Tiger, the nature of the name is taken from the name of the betting door in the game, in which the main door includes Dragon and Tiger. This is one of the good games that many traditional casinos as well as online bookies invest in and develop, attracting many participants. 

In general, the Dragon Tiger game has a simple gameplay similar to some games that are also popular in the betting entertainment market such as Sic Bo, Sic Bo, etc.

Easy-to-understand basic rules of the online Dragon Tiger game

The rules of playing Dragon Tiger online are very simple, each player will choose one of 3 main doors to bet on, including:

  • Dragon door – dragon. 
  • Tiger door. 
  • Draw – tie.

After the members participating in betting have chosen which door to bet on, the dealer will deal cards for each different door. In there. Dragon door and tiger door will receive a western card when the dealer shuffles multiple decks of cards and deals the cards. Besides, the general rule of the game is that the dragon door will be dealt cards first and then the tiger door. 

After the task of dealing cards has been completed, there will be a step to compare scores between doors so players can participate in receiving prizes:

  • When a player participates in placing a bet on the dragon door, if the dragon door has a higher score, the player will win. If the Tiger door has a higher score than the Dragon door or the result is a Draw, you will lose.
  • If the player bets on the clock door with a higher score, the player will win the bet. If the tiger door has a lower score than the dragon door or the two sides tie, the player will lose the bet. 
  • In case the player chooses Tie, if the results after dealing the dragon and lake sides are equal, the player wins. If one side has a higher score, the player loses the bet. Normally, if you choose to bet on the draw side, the payout rate is higher than on the Dragon or Ho side because the chance of it happening is lower. 
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Terms related to the online Dragon Tiger game

Terms related to the online Dragon Tiger game

When playing Dragon Tiger online, you should also note some familiar terms often used in the game to easily apply better ways to play:

  • Dragon, also known as Dragon, is chosen as the red bet. 
  • Tiger, also known as Tiger, is also a blue bet.
  • The flower, also known as Tie – Hoa door, is green. 
  • Odd bet on the Dragon side is also known in English as Dragon Even – a way to predict the dragon’s door on odd scores.
  • Odd bet on the tiger side, also known as Tiger Even – a way to predict the tiger’s odds on odd scores. 
  • Even bet on the dragon side – Dragon Odd – predicts the dragon side with an even score.
  • Even bet on the tiger side – Tiger Odd – predicts an even score on the tiger side. 
  • Dealer is the person who performs the house’s task of dealing cards. 
  • Bet means to bet.

Advantages of playing Dragon Tiger online at the house

Here are a few advantages when you participate in playing Dragon Tiger online at the house:

– The online Dragon Tiger game has the highest betting limit for participants. With a maximum bet of up to 50,000 alaf points, equivalent to a cash amount of 50,000,000 VND. If you own a huge amount of capital and want to earn attractive profits, this is the option you should consider.

– The online Dragon Tiger game has 26 betting options. When participating in the game, you can freely choose which option you think will help the god of wealth knock on your door. Besides, you can freely combine multiple bets at the same time to increase the probability of winning. Because the possibility of multiple bets returning at the same time happens very often.

– The Dragon Tiger online game has a very simple and easy to understand scoring method. Whoever has the larger card in hand will win. No need to consider the quality of the card.

– Bonuses when participating in playing the online Dragon Tiger Game will be transferred immediately to your account. You will have the option to convert it into cash with the transaction transferred to the bank. Almost every bookmaker today, including Jilievo, has also linked up with banks that many players use. In addition, you can still choose to quickly exchange winnings with phone scratch cards.

With some of the advantages listed above of Dragon Tiger Online Game, you have surely found a suitable betting game for yourself.

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Tips for playing Dragon Tiger Game online to get great rewards

Tips for playing Dragon Tiger Game online to get great rewards

Take advantage of the opportunity to bet on Dragon Tiger Game online

While the system is dealing cards, you should take advantage of this time to place bets. Each brother will have a red betting limit, this is the maximum limit. You need to take advantage of the time when the dealer deals cards and observe your opponents to move your bet into the appropriate box

Observe your opponent when playing Dragon Tiger Game online

When participating in the online Dragon Tiger Game, you need to understand your opponent’s probability of winning or losing to grasp their strengths and weaknesses. From there you can be proactive in betting

Bet on dragon door or tiger door

This is considered a method to help you minimize risks when playing online Dragon Tiger Game. Because if the worst case happens, these two bets will still significantly reduce your risk.

Remember the cards when playing Dragon Tiger online game

You should try to remember the number of cards dealt in the online Dragon Tiger game as a basis for the next bet.

Bet based on card quality

You can observe which card type is dealt the most in the online Dragon Tiger game and place bets on it. This will increase your chances of receiving rewards

Minimize the choice of the Draw door to place

When participating in the Dragon Tiger Game, you will often be attracted to draw odds with odds up to 1 to 8. However, this is a bet that can bring disadvantages to you. That is the reason why this bet has an extremely large winning rate.

Above is all the information about the online Dragon Tiger Game. Besides, there are tips for playing Dragon Tiger Game online to easily pocket your opponents. Wishing you guys good results in your dragon battles

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