What is Thai Hilo? How to play

What is Thai -ilo? Dice rolling game from Thailand with interesting rules and many betting options with attractive payout rates. If you want to get rich quickly, don’t miss this attractive betting game. Next, let’s explore this game in detail with phlove casino.

What are the rules of Thai Hilo?

This game has simple rules, first players will participate in the betting table with a bet level that suits them. After that, the Dealer starts shaking the dice and you should observe carefully. Then make a decision to bet on the bet that you predict is correct. Next, the Dealer will open the results. If the player’s choice is correct, he or she will be rewarded at the given rate.

If you lose, the player will lose all the money he or she put into the bet. Therefore, be very careful before deciding to bet because it directly affects your pocket.

In-game betting options

The Thai Hilo game at bookmakers offers many different betting options through which players have more choices. Here are some betting options that many players choose when coming to this game:

Over/under betting: This form has two main betting options: over and under. With the Over (Hi), the player bets when predicting that the total score of the 3 dice will be between 12 and 17. The Under (Lo) will be chosen if the total score of the 3 dice is predicted to be less than 11 points, specifically Maybe 4 – 10 points.

Bet on specific numbers: Predict 1 or 2 numbers that the dice will show and then bet directly on the corresponding number on the table.

Bet 112 HiLo: This is a form of betting on the next game when predicting the total score of 3 dice is 11 points.

Bet 6 Hi: Predict the total score to be Hi (12 – 17 points), with the dice printing 6 points.

Bet 4 Hi: Predict the total score to be Hi and there will be a 4 out of 3.

Bet 3 Lo:: Predict that the total score is Hi and among the 3 numbers, 1 number 3 is up.

Bet 1, 5, 6 Lo: : Predict the total score to be Lo (4 – 10 points) and have 1, 5 or 6 points.

Bets in Thai Hilo game

Revealing experience playing Thai Hilo from experts

After learning what Thai Hilo is, you can see that this game has a fairly simple way to play. However, it is not easy for new players to grasp victory in their hands. Below are some playing experiences from experts that you can learn and apply to bring yourself victory.

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Choose a betting level appropriate to your capital source

Choosing the right bet level is extremely important to help you preserve your capital. For those new to the game, bet on high-probability bets with low bets to practice. After you have experience and better judgment, boldly bet with a larger amount of capital to increase your profits.

Remember the results of the previous game

Memorizing the results of previous games is applied when playing games like Sic Bo, Thai Hilo,… Because based on the results of previous games, you can recognize the rules of the results. Record the results of previous games accurately and then analyze them to come up with rules. From there, you can predict the next games more accurately.

Hopefully through the article you will know what the Thai game Hilo is. With the above information, it is certain that people can be more confident when participating in betting on this game.

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