Water Polo Betting – Characteristics of Water Polo Sport

Sports like water polo are not very popular with bettors. But experienced players have several reasons to pay attention to this sport. Because even the least popular tournaments are covered by the media. There are enough specialized resources on the Internet with detailed statistics and team play tactics. So what is water polo betting? Let’s find out with VIPPH below.

Characteristics of water polo

Characteristics of water polo

The game consists of 4 periods, each lasting 8 minutes. The attack time is strictly limited to about 30. And touching the ball with both hands is prohibited.

If the rules are violated, the player is disqualified for 20 seconds or until the opponent completes the attack

The number of substitutions is unlimited. The coaching staff can use two timeouts during normal time.

This sport is most popular in Spain, Italy and the United States. Recently, water polo has developed in Hungary and Serbia

Water polo betting forms

Water polo betting forms

The options market is not the widest

  • Main result, double chance of the whole match, of a half, Odds.
  • Total (individual total of the team)
  • Long-term interest.
  • For matches of major international tournaments (Olympics, World Cup or European Championship), the bookmaker can provide more details: who will score first…

During live matches, the bookmaker can place the following bets: which team will be eliminated last, which team will score next…

How to analyze a match

When analyzing, first of all, remember that this is one of the most energy-consuming sports; athletes are constantly moving and performing powerful jerks.

So, keep a close eye on the club schedules to see how athletes are trying to regain strength and recover from injuries. With this in mind, let’s look at some more important points of analysis.

Main goalkeeper

A goalkeeper is almost “half of the team”. Top goalkeepers can block more than 20 shots per game and “bring” victory to their club. It is important to monitor the condition of the main goalkeeper. If for various reasons he cannot participate in the game, the team’s chances of winning will decrease significantly. Naturally, bookmakers’ analysts will take this into account and significantly reduce the opponent’s winning percentage. Even in such a situation, you can bet on the opponent’s victory. Or his negative handicap if he has good characteristics.

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Do not forget about the leaders, they play an important role in the defense arrangement and the conduct of the attack.

The Family Pool Factor

In water polo, this point plays a huge role. Even complete strangers at home put up a desperate fight and don’t always lose badly to the championship leader.

Watch the video of the last 1-2 matches

Watch the video of the last 1-2 matches

This is especially important for water polo betting. Only by living can you understand three important points:

  • How well the team builds its defense. Sometimes the opposing side defends tightly and well. To the point that the opponent often has to take long shots. Which, if there is a good goalkeeper, will put the attacking side in a hopeless situation.
  • How well the attack is built. The coherence of the actions, the accuracy of the passes, the quality of the shots.
  • The physical condition of the athletes. Watching videos of water polo matches will allow you to understand the current level of the team. This is especially important when choosing a promising bet.

Water polo betting strategy

Water polo betting strategy

There is not much theory about how water polo betting works. Especially in the context of water polo revealed on the Internet. This can be called a blind spot in betting.

  • Quite often when lining up, you can see a significant decrease in the odds for the favorites. The leaders of the meeting are usually confident of defeating a weaker opponent. But betting on a large negative handicap at a distance will lead to a minus point. In such a situation, it is better to give preference to the option “larger individual total”. When the favorite is in a good playing state.
  • It is more promising to bet on positive odds of outsiders with frankly inflated quotes. But here you need to understand the chosen championship well and know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents. Usually, experienced bettors. They will bet directly and highlight some promising points.
  • If two equal opponents showed poor performance in the first three rounds in a tug-of-war, then in the final stages of the meeting one should not expect high performance.


Water polo is an exciting sport. As the rules of the game are constantly changing to improve the entertainment of the game. It is only possible to stay ahead in this direction by qualitative analysis. And thorough research on the chosen tournaments. Water polo betting is a fun and exciting sport. For experienced players and those who are passionate about this sport.

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