What is a joker card? Meaning of this card

The Joker card in the Western deck of cards is trendy, so it is not too much to say that no one knows this particular card. Today, bookmaker 10jili will summarize vital information to help bettors better understand this exciting card.

What is the Joker card?

A type of card that does not represent any specific value or card, the Joker often carries the image of a clown, creating a difference compared to other cards. Normally, each deck of cards will have two Joker cards, one black and the other a different color.

Derived from the Alsatian pronunciation of the word “Jucker” – the name of a song in the game Euchre, the origin of the name “Joker” is very interesting. In Vietnamese culture, after the introduction of wild cards, they are often called Phang Teo, and the images of these two clowns usually represent the concepts of day and night.

When the Joker is considered worth 1 point, and the J, Q, and K are 11, 12, and 13, respectively, 53 cards will represent 365 points. This is very interesting as it is linked to the number of days in a year. In the tarot deck, wild cards like the Joker can be understood in two senses: stupidity, recklessness, innocence, and free life.

Special meaning

The Joker card, with its extraordinary and essential meaning, is a symbol full of mystery and multidimensionality. In each deck of cards, the Joker usually appears as two cards, one black and another with many colors.

Summarizing the meanings of the cards in the 52-card deck, the Joker is no exception. This is interesting when linked to the 52 main cards, corresponding to the number of weeks in a year. The diamonds, diamonds, and spades are often understood as symbols of the four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

How to take advantage of the Joker card to bring many effective results

Joker card in Canasta card

In Canasta, the Joker card offers various advantages and effects that regular players cannot ignore. The Joker card in Canasta is considered a free card, meaning you can use it without following any specific rules.

In addition, the scoring rules in Canasta also bring a significant advantage to the Joker card. When matching the Joker card with other chess pieces, you can count up to 50 points. This increases your score and highlights the power of the Joker card in building strong teammates and achieving impressive scores.

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Meaning in Tarot cards

The Joker is not only a common card in the Tarot deck but also plays an important role, bringing deep meanings and special symbolism. If The Fool is considered a symbol of the beginning, then the Joker also has similarities and is even considered another variation of The Fool.

Joker in Tarot cards is often associated with beginnings, freedom and adventure. It symbolizes innocence but simultaneously contains recklessness and boldness while exploring life. Each card suit and tarot deck can have different symbols placed on the Joker, but the basic meanings of independence, ingenuity, and courage are always present.

In addition, Joker is also seen as an image of a brave young man who dares to take risks, daring to leave the limits and cliffs of life. This figure is often considered a symbol of spiritual freedom and the ability to face new challenges and adventures without fear.

The importance of the Joker card in the War card

When registering for the War card game, the Joker card plays a vital role, carrying an “ultimate” power, making it a powerful piece that can overcome all challenges from other cards. The power of the Joker card in the War card is unlimited and sometimes it can decide between victory and defeat.

When the Joker card appears in a match, it has the greatest potential to “win” against any other card. Its appearance can immediately change the game’s outcome, creating thrilling and exciting confrontations. Players must be alert and flexible, ready to face defeat or victory quickly, depending on the Joker card.

In short, a deck of 52 cards is not only a symbol of the calendar year, but the Joker card also becomes a subtle symbol of time-related to day and night. It symbolizes strength and supreme power, adding to its display and spiritual value.

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